Want to try acting...but just need the courage?

Then 'Acting 101' is for you

Next intake starts 22 July. Taking bookings now until 18 July, unless sold out prior.

Can you do it? Yes you can!

For the new actor, Perform Australia's 'Acting 101' course is the best place to start! Get out of your skin and find the performer within. Through drama games, script work, improvisation and vocal exercise, you'll cover the fundamentals of acting for stage and screen from the ground up. A fun class in a supportive atmosphere. Prepare to play!

When: 7.30pm-9.30pm on Thursday nights, from 25 July to September 12
Where: Perform Australia, 11 Whyalla St, Fyshwick ACT
Cost: $350

What happens in class?

Your average Acting 101 class will start with a warm-up - perhaps a physical or vocal warm-up, or even a game. Then there'll be some learning - something about the aspect of acting technique you're be working on that week. You'll do a range of exercises and activities to consolidate the learning. Then you might work on rehearsing a script for your little performance at the end of the term.

Do we actually get to perform?

Yes, you do! But it's a low-pressure performance - for most participants, it's their first one ever! So we know that can be challenging. It's usually in the last week of the term, and you can invite your family or friends to come along and see you (or not!). You'll be in a little scene, most likely with one or two other people. So yes, there are some lines to learn - but your tutor will guide you every step of the way, working with you every week to help you make the most of your performance. Everybody gets nervous about the prospect of being in a show - that's COMPLETELY NORMAL. But there'll be lots of encouragement and learning along the way. And it's OK to make mistakes. Plus you'll have the buzz of getting up on stage and strutting your stuff!


Acting 101 is a fun and social class - a chance to meet other people who are as interested as you in seeing what 'this acting thing' is all about! All you need to join is a willingness to give it ago. There'll be quite a few activities that feel like games - games that have a point to them. So if you need a little light in your life, Acting 101 is it.

Reason #1 : It'll be fun

One of the things that those new to acting worry about is that an acting class will be full of kooky actor-types. Weird characters who are a bit "out there", with intimidating, wacky personalities... Want to know the truth? Acting 101 is usually full of public servants, tradies, school leavers, over-50s, stay-at-home mums, and students. It's a mixed bag of ordinary people, just like you. You'll fit right in.

Reason #3 : No crazy actor types in class


Acting requires you to stand up in front of others. For some people, that's a scary prospect. But for others, that's just where they want to be. They want the courage to do that boldly and confidently. To play a role on stage. To become a character, someone different from yourself. Acting 101 will help you do just that.

You'll step out of your comfort zone

You'll build self-confidence

Acting helps you develop communication skills, creative thinking skills, and team skills as you work with others to create a performance. From there, self-confidence grows. These are the wonderful side-effects of being involved in dramatic art.

You'll join the Perform Australia community

When you do a course at Perform Australia, you meet your "tribe". You'll meet other actors - people to network with, to work on projects with, and simply to dialogue with. Our students say they enjoy being a part of our artistic community.

What our students say

"I just wanted thank you guys... I enrolled and attended your 'Acting 101' class last year. I had no experience whatsoever in theatre and acting. 

"After attending the course, I later auditioned for the lead role of “Jesus” in the production 'Jesus Christ Superstar' run by Queanbeyan Players. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to play the role. 

"I believe the experience I gained with your classes gave me the confidence and ability to perform under the audition pressure - so thank you for your great work." - David

Follow the prompts and you'll be enrolled in no time!

Ready to book your place?

Perform Australia National Headquarters:
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Phone 1300 908 905
RTO Number 40859
ABN 23 137 125 136



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So he knows what he's talking about. He received his training at the Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art, now known as Perform Australia, gaining his Advanced Diploma of Performance. 

Since then he’s been active in the Canberra theatre and film community, achieving accolades for short films written and produced in the ACT, most notably his short, Dying Art, which has been shown in festivals around the world. 

His film Punctured appeared in the New York City Independent Film Festival in 2019, while his film Social Media Duel was the winner of the Best Two-Minute Film in the Canberra Short Film Festival in 2015, to name only a few of his works. 

He's also been seen on Canberra's stages professionally as an actor, having appeared in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (Honest Puck Theatre, 2015), Henry Five (Honest Puck Theatre, 2016), and as the lead role of The Actor in The Woman In Black in May 2019. 

Brendan's going to be drawing on his own skills and techniques in teaching you about acting in a fun environment.

Reason #2: Your tutor knows what he's talking about

Brendan Kelly is an actor, writer, director and producer in film and theatre.